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HSC(BM) Center List 2014 Diploma in Commerce Center List 2014 Agriculture/ Fisheries Center List Fisheries Routine-2014 Agriculture Diploma Routine-2014 Health Technology (1 Yr. Duration) 1st Sem exam Routine Basic Trade (Jan-march) Exam Notice Diploma in Health Exam Date shift Textile Diploma supplementary Exam Notice Diploma Engg. supplementary Exam Routine Diploma Engg. supplementary Exam Notice SSC/Dakhil Vocational Exam Date shift SSC/Dakhil Voc Online Registration-2014 Diploma in Engg Re-Admission and Student transfer SSC Voc Daily Report Submission to Control Room Notice for Certificate in Medical Technology 1st Semester Exam Seminer Notice Diploma Engg Textile PC PF Number Submission Diploma Engg Exam Date shift Diploma in Animal Health Form Fillup & Routine Diploma in Agri & Fisheries Form Fillup-2014 Diploma in Textile Center List Class IX (SSC/Dakhil Voc) TC,PC Mark Entry SSC/Dakhil Voc TC,PC Mark Entry Basic Course (3 month) Online Registration NSS II & III Center List Diploma in Ultrasound Notice Diploma in Ultrasound Routine & Center List Diploma in Engg Class Start NSS II & III Exam Date shift Notice for DC about question receiving Basic Trade Center List Certificate in Medical Ultrasound Routine Certificate in Medical Ultrasound Center List Certificate in Medical Ultrasound Exam Notice Certificate in Medical Tech. Rescruiting Result Notice Diploma in Engg and Textile (1st Semester) Class Start Diploma in Textile New Routine-2013 Diploma in Engg New Routine-2013 HSC Voc. Trade Subject Syllabus HSC BM Teacher List Sending Agriculture Diploma Online Registration Diploma in Medical Ultrosound Online Registration Certificate in Medical Ultrosound Online Registration Diploma in Forestry (In Service) Routine Notice for Basic 360 hr courses HSC Vocational 1st Year Exam Form Fillup HSC Vocational Final Exam Form Fillup Notice about incomplete TCPC Mark Sending of HSCBM Admission Info SSC/Dakhil VOC 2014 Admission Form SSC/Dakhil VOC 2014 Admission Rule Ministry Order Diploma In Agriculture & Fisheries 4th Semester Result Postponed DC Letter (SSC/Dakhil VOC Exam-2014) Trunk Delivery HSC BM / DCOM Form Fillup-2014 SSC /Dakhil VOC IA Mark DC Letter for Trunk Delivery (SSC/Dakhil VOC Exam-2014) Diploam Teacher List Health Routine 2nd 4th 6th 2013 Notification BM DCom 1st 2nd HSC BM Second Year TCPC Mark Submission HSC BM First Year TCPC Mark Submission SSC & Dakhil VOC Routine 2014 SSC & Dakhil VOC IX Routine 2013 HSC BM Registration Card Distribution Online Registration Dip in Agri & Dip in Health Basic 360h Exam Postponed Distribution of SSC & Dakhil VOC (IX) QP Date Shifted Diploma Workshop Order Diploma In Forestry inservice postponed SSC & Dakhil Vocational Class IX Exam-2013 postponed Health Technology Exam postponed Black Listed SSC & Dakhil VOC 43th National Sports Program HSC BM 1st Year Rescruting & Revised Result Agriculture Diploma Academic Calender 2013-14 Recruitment Notice (Astt. Programmer ) Diploma in Health Registration 2013 Diploma in Agericulture Registration 2013 DC Letter for Trunk Delivery (SSC/Dakhil IX-X) HSC VOC Probidhan & Syllabus 2013-14 Agri & Fisheries Supple Routine & Center Diploma in Medical Technology & Services Pribidhan Diploma in Medical Technology Syllabus & Course Structure SSC / Dakhil VOC Center List Exam-2014 Marine Trade Routine Tender Notice Diploma in Health Technology & Services Notice For HSC BM Institute Agriculture Diploma 2nd Sem Supplementary Health_Date_Shift_2013.pdf Basic 360h Exam Notice (July-Dec & Oct-Dec 2013) Recruitment Notice (Astt. Programmer ) Notice for SSC DAKHIL VOC Diploma In Animale Health and Forestry Notice/Routine Success on Education in Bangladesh Exam of 27,28,29 Oct has been Postponded Notification BM DCom 1,2 2014 Basic 360 Hours Oct-December 2013 Health Certificate PF Mark SSC IX Routine subcode correction Workshop Web Site Notice for Diploma In Engg. Notice for Diploma in Engg. & Textile Notice For HSC(BM DCOM) Result Rescruting Notice RPL Admission Diploma in Animal Health, Forestry Inservice, Forestry 3years Diploma Engg. & Textile Exam Notice (Dated on 08/10/13) Diploma Engg. & Textile Exam Notice Exam Date Shift (Diploma & Textile) 3,6,7 October Workshop Order 7th Sem Exam Date Shifting of Diploma in Engg. & Textile Diploma In Engg. Exam-2013 Message Website for SSC(VOC) Institute Under Workshop Notice Notice for Textile Center Diploma Cnter 2nd Sept 2013 Diploma Center 4th 6th 8th Sept-13 HSC Voc Probidhan & syllabus 2013-14 Notice Diploma Even Sem 2013 Routine Dip in health 2nd 4th 6th 2013 Diploma in Engg. Notice 2nd 4th 6th 8th semester 2013 Textile Online Mark Notice Center List IX Exam 2013 SSC/DAKHIL VOC IX Routine SSC/DAKHIL VOC IX Notice MESSAGE FOR DEPUTY COMMISSIONER (Diploma/Textile/Basic 360h) Workshop Notice for (19,20 Sep) Notice for All Institute Exam Date Shift (18 & 19 Sep 2013) Center Fee Distribution Center List Dhakhil IX Exam 2013 SSC/Dakhil VOC IX Notice Website for HSC(BM) Institute Under Workshop Notice Diploma Workshop Notice SSC VOC Notice-2014 Dakhil VOC Notice-2014 Basic Trade July-Sep 2013 Center List Certificate Marine Even Sem 2013 Notice SSC Teacher Entry Only Karigori Online Absent Health Technology & Services (1 Year) Agri Syllabus 5th Sem Textile Diploma Center-2013 SSC Teacher Entry Only Karigori Workshop Notice (05 September 2013) HSC BM Reg Correction Notice Enterprise Challenge Award 2013 Basic Trade (360h) July-September 2013 Agriculture & Fisheries Diploma Routine 2013 Agriculture & Fisheries Diploma Center List 2013 Basic Trade July-Dec 2013 Notice BM Diploma in Engg. Notice 2nd 4th 6th 8th semester 2013 Notice BM Diploma in Textile. Form Fillup 2013 Enterprise Challenge Award 2013 SSC VOC IX Form Fillup TTTC Routine 2nd-1st Semester Diploma in Engg. Connection Fee-notice-13
HSC (BM,VOC,DCOM) Result 2013
Notice HSC (BM,VOC,DCOM) Result Publish 2013 Agriculture & Fisheries Diploma Form Fillup 2013 Foresty Notice Routine 2013 Animal Health Notice 2013 Important Notice for 15th August, 2013 HSC_BM_Syllabus_2013-14 Cert In Health Center 1st & 2nd Sem Certificate In Health Technology & Services Routine Basic Trade July-September 2013 Registration Card Distribution Re Tender A-13 Diploma Result Meeting SSC Teacher List Notice Importent Notice Transfer Order Gov Private 09-07-13 Exam Notice TTTC 2013 HSC BM Online Registration 2013 Re-Admission Order Gov & Private Re-Admission Order Gov & Private even 2013 New Textile & Health Teacher List 2013 Re-Admission & Transfer Order Gov Private even 2013 New Re-Admission & Transfer Order Gov Private even 2013 DMU Routine 1st Semester 2013 Diploma Teacher List Message for Deputy Commissioner (Basic Trade 360h) One Year Cirtificate 2012-13 2nd Semester Notice Tender Notice-14 Message for Deputy Commissioner (Diploma Engg.) SSC / Dakhil VOC RESCRUTINY_RESULT_2013 Basic Januaryr-June & April-June 2013 Center List Head Examinner Squtinizer Appointment Diploma Poripurok DMU 1st Sem Center List-2013 Diploma Poripurok 1,3,5,7 Poripurak Routine CMU January-June 2013 Textile Diploma Poripurak Center List Correction Diploma Health Shifted Exam New Schedule Textile Diploma Poripurak Center List Exam of 29-05-13 to 05-06-13 Shift DMU Notice 1st Semester DMU Routine 1st Semester Diploma in Health Result Nov-Dec 2012 SSC Rescrutiny and Correction Result (for IX fail) Diploma Admission Notice Govt. Polytechnic Exam of 26 May Date Shift Admission Info HSC BM/VOC/DCOM & 1year Certificate 2013-14 Textile Diploma Poripurak Routine Diploma Admission Notice Diploma Admission Information 2013 Diploma Admission Form 2013 Diploma Poripurak Exam Student Count Diploma In Engineering 1,3,5 & 7 Poripurak Exam Notice Basic 360h Exam Jan-June 2013 Medical Ultrasount Exam Jan-June 2013 Exam Date Shift (14 May to 03 June) SSC/Dakhil VOC result 2013 rescrutiny Notice Diploma Engg. Ans. Script Examiner List SSC / Dakhil VOC Result-2013 Diploma In Health Technology & Services Exam Date Shift (12 May to 02 June) Diploma Engg. Transfer & Readmission Textile Diploma Academic Calender 2012-13 (Changed) SSC / Dakhil VOC Result-2013 will be published at 2:00 PM on 09 May 13 SSC / Dakhil VOC Result Notice (For DC Office) Diploma In Engg. Academic Calendar (Changed) Diploma In Health Technology & Services Exam Date Shift Diploma In Agriculture & Fisheries 1,3,5 Poripurak Exam Notice & Routine Diploma In Textile Probidhan 2010 1st & 3rd Sem Exam Notice Diploma In Engg. & Diploma In Textile academic calendar Meeting Diploma In Engg. Probidhan 2010 Change Notice HSC Probidhan & Syllabus Sess 2012-13 Notice SSC IX 2013 Readmission Student (Syllabus & Course Structure) Exam Date Shift (23 & 24 April 2013) Diploma 7th Sem External List Exam Date Shift Notice and Routine (Forestry in Service & 3 year and Animal Health in Service) Dip Health Correction Routine Dip Health Center List Correction Basic 360h Apr-June Reg Textile Diploma TCPCPF Mark Submission SSC VOC Syllabus Notice Textile Center List Practical Diploma Health Center List Practical SSC/Dakhil VOC TF, PF Absent Online SSC / Dakhil VOC Absent Submission Agriculture Diploma Exam Schedule Change Dip in Textile Practical Exam Teacher List Dip in Helth Routine 2013 Dip in Health Center 2013 BTEB Employee Union SSC VOC 2013 Registration Age Correction Important Notice for Exam of 21 March 2013 Notice for expressing deep shock and sorrow at the death of the president Textile Diploma Routine Message for Deputy Commissioner Textile Diploma Textile Diploma Revised Center HSC BM Exam Conduct Notice HSC BM Center Chenge DC Letter For Trank Receiving Diploma Health Exam 1st-3rd-5th 2013 Message for Deputy Commissioner Diploma Engg. Exam Message for Deputy Commissioner (1year) Health Exam DC Letter For Trank Receiving Course Structure 2010 All Sem Transfer Order (Controller of Exam) Textile Diploma Teacher List Basic Trade Jan-Mar Center List Exam in Jail February 2013 Health Technology DMU Registration Certificate in Health (1 year) Routine HSC Voc Routine Exam 2013 Notice About BTEB Services Extraordinary Talent Search Textile Diploma Revised Routine Notice Trank Sending Center Change February-2013 Message for Deputy Commissioner (Agri-Fisheries) Notice About Sohid Miner Textile Diploma Routine & Center Exam Schedule Change 24-02-13 Message for Deputy Commissioner (Diploma Engg. Exam) BM DCom Routine 2013 & CenterList(BM) Forestry Notice Routine Center SSCVOC XI-X 2013 Workshop Order 6th Semester Basic Trade Exam Notice January March 2013 Agri & Fisheries Routine & Center Basic Trade Notice Diploma Engg Workshop Notice Diploma Routine 1st3rd_and_5th7th8th Center List feb-13 Recruitment Notice for OMR Sheet Scanning SSC(VOC) Exam and Mark Submission Notice Health (1 year) Certificate Exam 2013 Examination Control & Question Paper Notice Dip. Engg. Workshop Notice Bangladesh Textile University Recruitment Notice Dip. In Textile Engg. Exam Notice Dip. In Textile Curriculum Notice Seminar Notice SSC/Dakhil VOC Registration SSC/Dakhil VOC Routine 2013 Center List SSC VOC Final 2013 Center List Dakhil VOC 2013 Basic Trade 360h Jan-Mar 2013 Diploma in Tech Education Exam 2013 Routine Diploma in Tech Education Exam 2013 Notice Correction Notice Dip-in-engg-exam 5th, 7th & 8th 2013 Diploma in Engineering Result September-October 2012 DAKHIL (VOC) 2013 Academic Calendar
Course Structure
SSC (VOC) 2013 Academic Calendar HSC(Voc) Probidhan 1997 SSC(Voc) Probidhan 2013 Diploma Engg. Permission notice-13 Diploma 1st3rd Semester notice-2013.pdf Diploma-in-engg. exam
Date Change Diploma Engg Result Meeting 2012 Diploma Agriculture Exam 2013 Diploma Engg Result Meeting 2012 MESSAGE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER FOR JAAD MESSAGE DEPUTY COMMISSIONER FOR NSS BASIC Ulthasound Routine 2nd Semester SSC(Voc) Workshop Order Notice SSC(Voc) Admission Form 2013 SSC (Voc) Admission Information 2013 Basic Trade 360h (July-Dec) &
(Oct-Dec) CMU July-December
Center List
Diploma in Engg. Transfer Notice HSC VOC Exam Notice Diploma in Engg. Readmission Invitation letter Enterprise
Challenge Award 2012
Diploma in Textile. Routine
Poripurak 2012
Notice NTVQF(Skill Development Project) Notice for External Examiner for
Short Course (Skill Development Project)
HSC (BM) / Dip Com Examiner Application HSC BM Poripurak Examine Count